The Calendar

Here it is: the 'definitive' calendar!

I am the first to admit that nothing is definitive, and I will be tweaking it every now and then, but the Foodie's Calendar will be a useful guide for everyone. The Calendar will steer you towards seasonal -and therefore, often less expensive, always fresher- produce, and will serve as a reminder for when local foods are available. Some of the foods listed are not local by any means -some are, in fact, imported from very far away, but are still lovely seasonal treats, so I listed them anyway.

The Calendar is based on southern Quebec and Ontario's season, since I am most familiar with them, but it can be applied all across Canada: the greatest variations will occur at the beginning and end of the growing season. In British Colombia, the season usually begins about 2 to 4 weeks earlier, and can end up to 2 months later. The  season in the Atlantic provinces usually starts 3 weeks later, but ends more or less at the same time as in Ontario and Quebec. The vast open plains of the Prairie provinces are subject to harsh weather systems and the confusingly warm Chinook, but the season generally begins around the same time as in the Atlantic provinces, and ends a few weeks earlier.

The US is a whole other kettle of fish, but states along the US-Canada border more less have similar growing seasons to their neighbouring province. As one goes further south, the growing seasons get earlier starts, until one arrives to the states with one long growing season.

This Calendar is just that; for recipe ideas, and a more in-depth description of the produce, you will have to consult the Blog.

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