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Demystifying Rice


It is one of the most consumed foods in the world. India alone boasts several dozens of cultivars, each one adapted to regional growing conditions. In Tokyo, there is a shop devoted to all things rice; it stocks several varieties hailing from different regions of Japan, each with unique flavour profiles. In several cultures, the word for rice often  refers both the food itself and the meal: "Gohan desu" in Japanese means 'dinner time' but can be literally translated to 'it's rice'; whereas in Cantonese, 'to eat rice' can also mean 'let's eat.' It goes without saying that, given how widespread its consumption, there are countless ways to cook rice, each with their pluses and minuses.

Though there are hundreds of varieties of rice, they can essentially be classified into three categories: short, medium or long grain. Generally speaking, the shorter the grain, the higher the starch content, and therefore the stickier the grains wil…

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