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In Praise of Butter Paper

Yes, you read right, I am about to wax lyrical about the paper wrapped around the bloc of butter, and not about butter itself. Don't get me wrong, I think butter is an amazing food, but it already has a huge fan base, and doesn't need any more praise. Butter paper on the order hand is an unsung hero. That thin sliver of foil, lined with a slip of parchment protects the lump of butter from light and fridge odours, but is often unceremoniously discarded, or worse, used to rewrap the butter in a most disorderly and messy way - exposing the butter to all sorts of yuck. While many people may be avoiding butter and other dairy products in order to reduce their carbon footprint or for dietary reasons, if you are not quite ready to go without butter, one way to offset any possible guilt from buying a pack of butter is to reuse the butter wrapper as many time as possible. It's a small, nearly insignificant act, but the pay out is large. Once opened, a packet of butter should b

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