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Cooking Grains Made Easy

If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you will have surmised that I am a fan of grains and all things grain-like. And I am! There is so much to like about them: they are generally inexpensive, nutritious, flavourful, and there are so many varieties. I promise that I will never tout a grain-free or carb-free diet. Ever. And you can hold me to account if I start spouting against grains! That is not to say that I hold any judgement against anyone who chooses to forgo the wonders of grains and carbohydrates, to each his or her own I say, and more for me!

Grains, and seeds that are referred to as pseudo-grains (of which quinoa and buckwheat are part of) are full of goodness. They contain their fair share of protein, on top of being chockfull of fibre and minerals, and should be given a larger spot in our plates. We are all familiar with grains such as wheat, rice and barley, however, even these often put off seasoned cooks, as the cooking process can sometimes be hit or m…

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