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Cacao Nibs and Tahini Cookies

I'm a bit of a cookie-fiend... A fact I seem to confess to on a regular basis. I can easily hoover a batch or box of cookies all by my own self, and I never feel guilty about not sharing. Although I will happily give out my go-to recipe, don't expect to be fishing for biscuits in my cookie jar! I have, over the years, accumulated quite a few biscuit recipes, many have been tried and forgotten, others have stuck around for the long haul. Every now and again, new ideas crop up that are difficult to resist.

In case you haven't heard, tahini is living its best life at the moment. Long gone are the days when tahini was that dry store ingredient with only the one use: it is being added to just about any recipe you can think of, and you will be glad you did too. So when I heard that tahini could also serve as dairy-free substitute for butter, well my interest was piqued. After a bit of research, all indicating that it's simply a one-to one swap, I decided to try it out on my…

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