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The Art of Cleaning Out Your Fridge

Food waste. The subject is near and dear to me. Every year, anywhere from one third to two fifth of the food produced for human consumption is lost: that amounts to more or less 100kg per person in industrial countries, compared to less than 12kg per person in poorer countries. These numbers only take into account edibles intended for human consumption, and does not encompass the loss of water or land resources, nor the feed needed to raise the animals that end up being wasted. Factor in global transport for all this food, and the environmental consequences become staggering.

Granted, a big chunk of the food wasted is lost before it even reaches consumers. Imperfect fruits and vegetables are left in the fields and orchards because they do not meet industry standards; produce in excess of contracted yields are left in the fields and on trees to rot. Product recalls are important safety measures, but many aspects of food waste can be avoided. Things are slowly changing though: small far…

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