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Keeping a Well-Stocked Pantry

Look up the hashtags pantry or pantry goals, and you will encounter some of the most aesthetically pleasing dry store cupboards currently out in the ether. If you aspire towards such orderliness, your best bet would be to look up minimalism and organization guru Marie Kondo. My cupboards tend towards organised chaos, so don't expect a picture of my pantry on Instagram any time soon. Although my pantry won't be winning me any new followers on Instagram, it does contain most of what I need to make a great meal in a pinch, while still retaining some sense of organisation (understood only by myself.)

And herein lies the gist of this post: your pantry should benefit your cooking, not develop a desire to hoard (note to self...) Since every kitchen is different, with their own sets of challenges, a general rule of thumb is to keep all foodstuff within easy reach: cupboards that are above head height should be kept for non-food items that don't get used often. If you regularly sh…

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