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The Old School Charm of Lemon Possets

The lemon posset has landed this side of the Atlantic. If you are unfamiliar with this British classic, just look it up - possets have become the darling of social media. And with good reason: this dessert is super easy to make, requires only three ingredients, and is absolutely scrumptious!

Three everyday ingredients - cream, sugar and lemon juice (and zest) - come together in alchemy to form a silky, smooth delight. Nothing exotic or esoteric, and easily shaken up by substituting the lemon juice with another citrus (yuzu!) or even passionfruit. Yes, this dessert is basically a sweet tart rendition of crème fraîche, but it is so light and refreshing that it's the perfect ending to a big dinner. 

Because there are so few ingredients in this recipe, you'll want to use the best you can find: cream with at least 35% fat content (if you can find 40% it will have a better set); fresh lemon juice and zest if possible - wash in warm water to remove the waxy residue on the peel. You …

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