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Quince Cake: Riffing on an Old Standard

My mother's apple cake is rather perfect in its own right. There is really no need to improve on the recipe, even though over the years, acquaintances have tried to turn it into fancier versions of itself. But really, it is all so unnecessary. In its current iteration, it is simple, yet elegant, and no one would ever know that is is a quintessential dump and stir cake. To be honest, there is no shame in a good 'dump and stir.' They may not have the complexity of fine French pâtisserie, but therein lies their beauty: no need for difficult techniques, anyone, including novice bakers, can turn out beautiful results.

'So why the need for another version?' you may ask. I ended the original 2010 post with possible variations on the theme, and while I am sure that a few readers may have tried going off-piste, I get the feeling that many more hesitated to venture away from the recipe as it was posted. Hence today's version - and quinces happen to be in season at the m…

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