Company's acomin'

I've been patiently waiting for my lettuce crop to grow in since the end of April. Everything was coming along quite nicely until I noticed that someone had been munching on my heirloom leaves... and peas, and beets. And said someone was probably the one who had a nasty surprise when s/he had a nibble of rhubarb.

I have a groundhog in my backyard. And she's hungry! I don't mind sharing the lettuces and the radish leaves, but I'm kind of upset about the pea shoots being razed to the ground. But I am not declaring war. After all, I am the invader here: until I moved into my apartment no one had a garden in the yard. In fact, no one even mowed the lawn. So I've taken out quite a big chunk of her grazing terrain, and I suppose I'll have to learn to share...

I will be putting up protection around the peas as soon as the gale force winds hitting Montreal die down.

When I started the garden last year, I had only staked out a small portion of the yard because it was a lot of hard work (the ground had been compacted by years of use as a car park), and summer 2008 was rather busy. So Molly -if ever I manage to snap a picture of her, you'll see, she looks like a Molly, even if she turns out being a he- didn't have much to say about my encroaching on her territory. And we had an agreement: she could munch on all the weeds I forgot to pull out and some of my radishes, and I would try to maintain the lawn with a healthy population of tender specimen.

All in all, we got along great last year. But my garden is bigger now. And so is Molly. So I'll put in a few extra lettuces for her. But the peas are all for me!


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