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In a comment to my last post, I received disturbing news that the UK is deliberating whether or not British standards for battery chickens should be lowered to those of the EU.

Battery chickens already live in deplorable conditions only to satisfy current market values that require all market goods to be cheap. While this news may not directly concern most of you -my kind readers- perhaps you know people living in the UK, maybe you even travel to the UK on occasion. Wouldn't you rest easier knowing that the chicken you or your friends eat while in Britain live under infinitesimally better conditions than here in North America, or even the rest of the EU?

I thought so. So here's the link so you can give the British Minister a piece of your mind. Unfortunately, you need a UK postal code to sign the letter, so here's my old London code: E14 6LX.

And pass the word along!


  1. Hi, thanks for writing about this last year. I've got some good news from the RSPCA but I can't find your email address - I'd like to send you some more detailed info about the story and an image in case you'd like to cover it on your blog. Please can you email me on beth.granter@nixonmcinnes.co.uk and I'll send it over?




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