Like chilli, will travel

A word to the wise: if you want to keep your root veg over the winter, an unheated guest bedroom is not cold enough!

I still have some vegetables left over from my All Hallows harvest. They were fine in the garden shed, but the frigid weather hit. So I brought them in from the cold.

Unfortunately, it isn't cold enough in my apartment, and being a city girl, I do not have a root cellar... As you can see, my celeriac has sprouted in its valiant efforts to come back from the dead. And the 'neeps are shooting up too...

So, unless your fridge is a tight squeeze like mine, keep your roots in the vegetable drawer. Or build a root cellar. Or keep your guest bedroom as near to freezing as possible...

Or spend the next week making soup for the holidays!

Bon app'!


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