Help Haiti

It's hard to ignore the horrors in Haiti. The devastation is so massive that one feels completely helpless to help.

Aid organisations all agree on one thing: unless you are part of on the ground rescue operations, your best options is to send money.

Here are some links to organisations who have long standing records in Haiti:
Médecins du Monde is another medical NGO with a long history in Haiti

The Humanitarian Coalition is the emergency disaster relief website for four NGOs, for those who are unable to decide where to send their donations.
Other, smaller groups may organising funding drives, but beware that they are unscrupulous people out there.

With close to 75% of Canada's Haitian diaspora living in Montreal, no one in the city is untouched by the disaster. A group of Montrealers are scrambling to set a charity concert in less than a week. While the final line-up has yet to be announced, the location and ticket price are already set: 20$ will buy you an evening of Montreal's great talents on January 21. All the money will be going to help Haiti.

I will keep you posted as more information comes up.

There are, obviously, all sorts of events happening around the world. If you hear of other events and want to give me a shout, I will post a link:
Carnegie Hall, February 26, 2010 

Addendum: I've been trying to donate through the web, thinking it would be easier. However, it would seem that both the websites and phone lines are being flooded with donations (a good thing). So I will be mailing my donations in. If you choose to the same, addresses can be found on the websites.
Also, a whole slew of charity concerts are being organised left, right and centre, so keep your eyes peeled.

** Yet another addendum: For those of you out there who have chosen to donate via your cell phones, please remember to reply to the follow up SMS after you've sent off your donation. Apparently close to two thirds of mobile phone donations have not gone through because people are not confirming them.


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