A Reminder: Seeds for Pakistan

I just wanted to remind you that, in case you were planning on donating some seeds, I will be sending a parcel to Pakistan before the end of the month. If you want to add your contribution to my parcel, you can leave me a message at dahliajadephoenix@gmail.com

You can also send your donation of seeds directly to the Techure Foundation, who will be taking care of distributing the seeds to small farmers devastated by this past summer's floods. The addresses are as follows:

Seeds for Pakistan
Care of Mr.Haseeb Afsar
Social Mobilization Team
Techure Foundation
First Floor, 368A
E17 5JF

Contact Number : +44-752 975 0050

You can also send them directly to their Islamabad office:

Seeds for Pakistan
Care of Mr.Humza Afzal
Regional Operations Head
Techure Foundation
21 Street 4
Sector C - DHA Phase 1
Islamabad - Pakistan
Contact Number : +92-333-5424-192 

This Pakistan flood no longer makes the news, but we mustn't forget that the Pakistani still need help to recover. Just yesterday, the United Nations announced that the damages totalled an estimated 9 billion dollars, not including the infrastructures. Less than a third of that amount has been donated so far. 

The seeds you donate will not reboot the agricultural industry in Pakistan, but it will help small subsistence farmers to feed themselves, their families, and their communities. For more information, you can email me, or you can read my previous posts on this campaign.


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