Buy Nothing Day 2010


It's that time of the year again! Buy Nothing Day is fast approaching: this week-end is your chance to take a stand against wanton consumerism.

So what could you do instead of mind-numbing shopping on November 26th (in North America) or on 27 November (the rest of the world)? Why not think of BND as "Throw Your Kids (or Inner Child) Out in the Wilderness Day"? Do you realise that most children in industrialised countries spend much less time playing outdoors than kids from twenty years ago? Only 6% of American children aged 9 to 13 actually play outside; 20% of UK kids have never attempted to climb a tree.

So, on November 26 or 27, turn off the computer; the mobile phone; the game console; the wires, bugs, and what-nots that keep you connected to the whole wide world, and step outside, kick up some snow, and stretch your legs. Heck! Make a whole week-end of it! Southern Quebec is expecting a province-wide dumping of snow this week-end, so take it as your chance to reconnect with the great outdoors.

Just make sure you have something to eat on the ready for when you come in from the cold.

Happy Buy Nothing Day!



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