Good Haul

Back in May, I wrote about growing your own crop of potatoes. I had thought about posting regular updates on how my spuds were doing, but potatoes aren't particularly photogenic, so I put it off. Until now.

Granted, it's not a record-breaking harvest. Nevertheless, it's not a bad haul considering the parents were overly-tired supermarket buys. I'll definitely get a few meals out of these. Potatoes are an easy crop to grow, and could be a fun way to ease into the hobby. There are few requirements for success: rich, well-draining soil (I used half and half potting soil and compost); full sun (the larger potatoes were produced by the plants that got the most sun); and regular watering (the soil should remain as damp as a wrung-out sponge) is all you need to grow dinner.

Happy growing, and bon app'!


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