The Garden

It's not much. But it'll be the most productive garden I have ever tended. On my (relatively large London) balcony, there are:

Tomatoes, beans and coriander in the back; potatoes (the empty-looking planter) and basil in the foreground.

Mint, and oregano. The chives are succumbing to a massive aphid attack, but the native lady bugs I ordered are doing a good job of clearing them out.

A salad bar.

Pick-your-own strawberries

Mediterranean herbs and a patty-pan squash.

While all these plants will provide pollen and nectar for bees, I've also sown some borage and nasturtium to provide pollinators with extra food, and there is a budding lavender that should attract more friendly insects. I've also ordered an insect hotel for lady bugs and bees and a worm composter. All I need now is to find room for a couple of chilli plants and the garden should be set.

 Happy gardening, and bon app'!


  1. Looks like a great garden! Love your trellis!

    1. Thanks Holly!

      The trellis is really simple to make: just a few wooden poles (I used hazel rods, but bamboo also works)interwoven together, and tied for safety with some linen or hemp string.

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