A Few of my Favourite Things

Fall Colours
For a real autumn show, one has to go outside of London, but when one does get a glimpse of bright colours, it is pure joy! (The above was taken in Montreal, four years ago.)

Pumpkins and Squashes
Nothing says autumn more than displays of pumpkins and winter squashes. Thanksgiving, Halloween, pumpkin pie, roasted acorn squash...

Cabbages and Kales
Leafy greens are the epitome of healthful eating: chock full of vitamins and minerals, cabbages of all kinds will provide you with a buffer from cold and flu season. The outer leaves of cabbages are often discarded, however, if they are free of blemishes and diseases, they can be eaten just like kale.

Root Vegetables
Nothing like the stick-to-your-ribs goodness of hearty root vegetables to stave off the chill. Perfect in soups, stews, and on their own. All matter of roots are both heart-warming and filling.

Warm sweaters and Knitting
Conjures images of grandma's warm embrace and cuddly soft kittens. Need I say more?

Bon app'!


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