She's here. It's now officially spring.

Oh I can just hear the groans from my friends stuck under piles of snow on the East Coast. But no matter what March may throw at you, you can't help but know that Spring is definitely here. Daylight creeps in through the curtains a little earlier in the morning, and slips behind the high-rises later in the day. The sun's rays warmth goes deep, even if there is still snow on the ground.

Spring just pulls at our deepest animal instincts.

March always has its ups and downs, and this year's was no exception. But there are certain things that I can always depend on in March: a snowstorm for my birthday (while it was far from stormy, there were genuine flakes falling from the sky, even in dreary London!); seed packets and dirty fingernails; and that warm fuzzy feeling I get when I see the little, green sprouts push through the compost.

Everything else is up in the air in March! The unpredictable weather means that sap may be late in rising, or too early: the maple syrup season can be thrown, whichever way it goes. Persistent snow will delay the first flush of wild foods, such as wild garlic and nettles, whereas an early thaw and dry weather may mean that potential first harvests are missed...

Don't you love how Mother Nature keeps us on our toes?

Bon app'!


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