Fit for Royalty

It's time for new potatoes... and not just any tatties, but Jersey Royals! Britain's Jersey Royal potatoes are such special spuds that they've obtained Protected Designation of Origin. Like all new potatoes, Jersey royals have a firm, waxy flesh that is ideal for eating boiled or in salads. Their unique flavour is due to the special soil on the Jersey Islands, but any new potato is a welcome sight. 

I finally managed to get my hands on some British asparagus, and wouldn't you know it, both are lovely together in a salad!

Add a few quartered radishes to bunch, and you will have spring in a bowl. As I forgot to pick up a bunch of radishes at the shop, I nosed around my pots to see if any were ready for picking: there was very little by way of roots, but the sprouts were getting a little crowded, so I pulled out a few to throw in the bowl.

Season with salt and pepper, add a dollop of mayonnaise (homemade, you have it), a squeeze of lemon juice, some chopped herbs, slivered green onions, and Bob's your uncle! You can also bulk out the salad with some spicy spring greenery, such as dandelion greens, curly chicory (also known as curly endive or frisée), or peppery water cress.

Bon app'!


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