In Leaps and Bounds

This past week was simply marvellous! Though I worry that we will not get any closer to Summer than that... The sun and warmth have been very beneficial to my little balcony garden. And the progress has been staggering.

The strawberry that was merely blushing the day before has got a full-on sunburn, and it seems to have rubbed off on its neighbours. By the end of the day, the upper side of the strawberry had gone fully red, but its backside was still pink.

It seems like yesterday since I first harvested the salad bar, and yet it is already nearing the end. While I should still be able to get a few more bowlfuls, I need to think about sowing the next batch.

The chile pepper is a survivor from last year's non-summer, and it is doing quite well. Its leaves have not fully unfurled, but it has set several buds. I think it may be holding out for a proper heat wave.

I've planted garlic for the first time this year. Well, actually, what I mean to say is that it's the first time that garlic was planted the proper way, at the appropriate time (back in November). Although, I am still unsure I will get a viable crop, I did manage to get some scapes. They were quickly consumed in this week-end's salads.


The tomato plants were planted out last week-end, and have visibly taken to their new living quarters. Although they are still rather puny, they have grown considerably in a week.

Finally, I am positively beaming about these fava beans! The first flowers bloomed and faded before being visited by bees, and I worried that they would come to nothing. While the strawberries were more than happy to get pollinated by flies and the wind, bean flowers have an intricate system that require a bee's know-how. Luckily, with the arrival of June came the bumblebees, and now the broad beans are taking shape!

Happy gardening, and bon app'!


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