Inching Through the Quagmire

Hello. You've been on my mind. In fact, I've been been thinking a lot about you, especially when I'm at work. It's been a busy few weeks, and though the ideas are there, the posts are just not writing themselves! I seem to be swaying between the states of apathy and severe writer's block. But just to prove that I have not forgotten you, here are a few photos of posts-to-be that are floating around.

I've been eating industrial quantities of babaghanouj. Also known as moutabiel, this aubergine dish is all too easy to buy from the supermarket, but it is also a cinch to make at home. And the results are often miles better than anything you can get from a plastic tub. (And Godzilla only ever makes an appearance in bowls of the homemade stuff...)

I've gone all out this year, and have made several batches of jam -both from wild fruits and from bought stuff- and it doesn't seem like I will stop anytime soon (especially since the blackberries and elderberries are getting ripe!), but I've also been indulging in a few batches of summer pudding. The post itself is nearly all written up, I'm just waiting for a pretty shot. It turns out that this classic British dessert is not very photogenic. Which I suppose means I will have to persist in making more puds in the hope one of them will dazzle the cameras...

And then there are all those left-over berries to deal with... Anyone fancy a drink?

Bon app'!


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