Earth Day

It's that time of the year again, when my green fingers are just itching to dig into some sun-drenched soil; when my first thought in the morning and my last at night reach out to the little seedlings pushing their way up towards the sky. Yes, it is indeed that time of the year, when my little gardener's heart just yearns to sit out by the multitude of potted plants all day long.

Old Man Winter may have attempted a few comebacks, but Spring is definitely spreading her reach. My strawberries are blooming; the runner beans and potatoes have broken ground; bumblebees and honey bees have already ventured up to my balcony garden. Earth Day came and went without much fanfare in my part of the world, but I definitely felt the calling when I woke this morning. Something about the light's angle, the soft edge to the nippy breeze.

It has been a hard winter, and though no one knows what Spring and Summer have in store for us, we can always hope that our little gardens, our single pot of basil will hang on to the sunshine and entice the lovely weather to stick around.

Happy Earth Day!
Happy gardening!


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