#SaveThe Arctic

Last year, Greenpeace ran a campaign to get Lego to cut promotional ties with Shell Global. The campaign was a success: Lego officially announced that they were cutting ties with the petroleum multinational just before the holiday season. However, the fight to save the Arctic is ongoing. Even though it may still feel like winter where you are, things are not as they should be in the North Pole: Shell and other oil companies are trying to get a larger footprint in the Arctic.  This video is a little cheeky reminder of what is inevitable if we continue to turn a blind eye to the threats of climate change.

I've been told that there were too many political rants on A Foodie's Quest, that a food blog should be about food, and nothing but the food. I would just like to say that if you feel that way, perhaps you're missing the point of my quest: this foodie is looking for beautiful, sustainable, and clean ways to feed a growing population. To eat IS a political act. One cannot truly enjoy a sumptuous plateful, and turn a blind eye to the impact caused by the act of feeding 7 billion humans. To do so would be unconscientious. To grossly paraphrase something I heard in a BBC interview: food and politics are Siamese twin... as food-lovers, we must not only feed but also prevent situations that could impede our feeding of others.

Bon app'!


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