CSA directory, part II

If you have read my previous post on CSA directories, you may have noticed that it was not very extensive. It was not for lack of searching! I did spend a couple of days researching, and that was all I had come up with at the time.

Fear not! I did not end my search then and there, and today has been fruitful! I have found some information for people living in Alberta and Saskatchewan. If you live in Saskatchewan and do not find what you want on that link, you can always try contacting the people at LoFo to find something more suitable for you.

It isn't much, I admit, but it is all I have found so far. If you happen to find more links, or would like to put in a plug for your own CSA, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment. I would more than happy to help you spread the word.

I'm off to eat the above celeriac, so todeloo!


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