The Garden

This summer is absolutely glorious! The hot, sunny days give way to good and proper rainy days, and the garden is just flourishing!

The first pumpkin is beginning to colour.

The tomatoes are cropping up everywhere! It looks like I'm going to have another bumper crop, and it just might ripen on the vine this year...

The first cherry tomatoes are finally ripe! They're so juicy and tasty! There's nothing like eating a tomato still warm from the sun.
What's a girl named Dahlia to do, but grow dahlias?

By the way, no one seems interested in wining the Raj Patel CD... Just to clarify, this give away is open to everyone, no matter where you live. It is a really interesting and entertaining lecture, so leave a comment on the post, and you just might win yourself a CD of brain food!


  1. I have two young nieces named Iris and Violet. (They laughed when I told them that it's a good thing their mother - my sister - didn't have a boy, she would have named him Petunia.)

    And a friend in Spain named Begoña.

    It's the invasion of the flower people!


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