Urban Chicken Update

Oh dear! After a few months of silence, the floodgates have been opened wide! 

First things first: Calgarians had their chance, and they blew it! The June referendum was a bust, and Calgary decided to vote against urban chickens (although they seem intent on keeping a Stampede that is killing off horses like deer-flies...) However, Calgary's urban chicken defenders, namely a group called CLUCK, are still fighting the good fight. I am crossing my fingers and toes for you CLUCK!

Montreal, now is your chance! Le CRAPAUD (Collectif en aménagement paysager et en agriculture urbaine durable - that is a mouthful!) has launched a petition this very morning to have the urban chicken reinstated in Montreal's landscape. If you live in the city of Montreal (sorry suburbanites, you're going to have to deal with your own city halls), just click on the link to sign the petition!

Finally, about a year ago, I wrote about the RSPCA's campaign to Quash the Squash. Here is a little (overdue) update. It would seem like the Quash was successful: British consumers were numerous (11 thousand people!!!) to voice their opinion. The British government has decided not to regress their standards. Granted, they could have improved on their standards, but at least they chose not to follow the Europeans who will raise their numbers to 21 chickens per square meter (and you thought your morning commute was a tight squeeze!) So, here's to British chickens and consumers!

Have a clucky day!


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