Pakistan Floods

Pakistan Floods
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It's September 1st, which means there are twelve days one month and three days left to the Canadian government's programme to match every dollar donated for Pakistan relief.

The disaster has been  slowly mounting to catastrophic proportions, but donations are only just trickling in at rates nowhere near the deluge that followed the earthquake in Haiti. The situation in Pakistan is dire. The Pakistani need help now.

The following links are to trusted organisations that are currently on the ground in Pakistan:

The Humanitarian Coalition: is the Canadian umbrella for Oxfam, Oxfam Quebec, Care and Save the Children.
Greater Good: an American umbrella site for several charities, you can choose to donate to help the human victims of the flood, or even to help rescue farm animals that have survived the deluge.
Médecins Sans Frontières is still accepting donations for emergency medical relief as the risk of disease is still very high.

The above organisations are currently busy with emergency help, but the Humanitarian Coalllition and UNICEF are also in for the long term: Oxfam is known for helping out small farmers, encourages local food production, and has a well-established rural aid programme; UNICEF is already setting up new schools in areas where the water has receded.

I hesitated for a while to donate, but only because money is a little tight this summer. So I understand when people say that they can't really afford to give at the moment. I am currently scouring the internet and writing to aid organisations to see if anyone is collecting seeds to help re-establish devastated farmland. I will keep you posted, in the hopes that gardeners in the blogosphere will unite to re-seed Pakistan.


  1. Dahlia, I saw that Thomas (A Growing Tradition) posted info on your gift of seeds...I would be interested in helping reseed Pakistan : )

  2. Hi Dahlia, I saw your post from Thomas also. I'd be willing to help too. I have seeds that I can send you.

  3. Hi Dahlia, interesting blog you have here. Read about sending seeds to Pakistan from Thomas blog (A Growing Tradition). It will be good to send some seeds to Pakistan.

  4. What kinds of seeds will grow well in Pakistan? I live in northern US, zone 4. Will anything I breed here do well in Pakistan? I would be interested in helping, but I don't want to send seeds that wouldn't be helpful. I will subscribe to this comment thread, and will try to remember to check back with you.
    (I too am here vie GT.)

  5. Hello everyone!
    I've just posted an entry with extra info.
    Thank you so much for your support and generosity!



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