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Pakistan Floods 2010
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I've been getting quite a bit of enthusiastic responses to my call for seeds, it's kind of overwhelming!

I will be collecting the seeds from North-American gardeners, and will take care of sending the parcel either straight to Pakistan or to Techure Foundation's London office, depending on the situation with cargo departures for Islamabad. If you are interested in contributing seeds, please contact me, and I will forward any additional information. 

However, if you live in the UK or in the rest of Europe, Techure Foundation will be accepting any gift of seeds at their London office, just send it to:

Mr.Haseeb Afsar
Social Mobilization Team
Techure Foundation
First Floor, 368A
E17 5JF

Contact Number : +44-752 975 0050

If you live in Asia or in Oceania, you can always send your seeds directly to Techure Foundation's Islamabad office: 

Mr.Humza Afzal
Regional Operations Head
Techure Foundation
21 Street 4
Sector C - DHA Phase 1
Islamabad - Pakistan
Contact Number : +92-333-5424-192 

In either cases, please label the seeds clearly, and if you can, place the seeds in plastic zip-baggies (conditions during transport and in Pakistan will probably be rather humid: it would be a pity if the seeds rotted before they got to destination).

Also, Mr. Munib Khan, my contact at Techure, had an additional request: 

Finally, I would wish to have some pictures of yourself or the community of Gardeners helping you in raising the donation package presenting some form of association we would like to put on our case-study when developed after you are finished making all the contributions. This will be promoted and presented on the Social Media Platform and will be available on the website as to suggest to the communities about the idea of 'how small collectively done can be make huge differences'. 

So, please include a photo of yourself (or your garden) with your seeds!

Additional information can be found on my previous post, or you can always leave me a comment if you have any questions.

I know that the growing season is only just beginning to wind down for most North-American gardens (I know! my garden is still producing quite a bit!), but I would like to have the first parcel ready by late October. 

Thank you! And happy gardening!


  1. Hello, you've provided addresses for the rest of the world, where do North Americans send their seeds to? I've been trying to get an answer for a week now!

  2. Hi!
    Sorry for taking so long to answer your query. North Americans send their seeds to me. I've left my contact email (, but I do not want to leave my home address here.


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