Calling for a Moratorium

If you live in the Province of Quebec or in the American North East, you've probably heard about shale gas and the controversy it entails. In Quebec, the shale gas industry is still in its infancy, but it has raised the ire of many. Unfortunately, the provincial government is set on moving the projects forward, despite  evidence that the mining process is unsafe and un-ecological.

The general consensus is that industrialized countries need to cut back drastically on their use of fossil fuels and other sources of greenhouse gases, so one can only wonder why a government that likes to tout its 'green' credentials would want to develop a environmentally destructive industry, instead of encouraging innovations in green alternatives. 

If you live in or near Montreal, there will be a demonstration this Saturday (June 18) demanding a moratorium on all shale gas development. For more information, please visit the Équiterre website.

Join the movement! Let your voice be heard!


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