Summer Loving

When I was a kid, the hip thing to do for Mother's or Father's Day brunch was to fry eggs in the toast. You were meant to use sliced bread, and make a heart-shaped cutout into which you would drop the egg. I haven't had sliced bread (not that kind...) in ages, and the loaves I eat aren't big enough to accommodate a heart-shaped cutout, but I still enjoy the occasional egg-fried toast.

It's lovely for breakfast and brunch, if that's your thing. I, on the other hand, am rather partial to eking out as much sleep as I can in the morning, so I prefer this dish for a light lunch or dinner. Topped with a handful of veggies (garlic scapes, radishes, greens and peas are my current favourites), it is a quick and lovely way to fill your belly.

No recipe required. Just cut out a slice of bread. Fry one side in a bit of butter; flip it over, add a little more butter if needed. Drop an egg in the cutout, and let it cook over low heat. If you want the yolk to remain runny and the white to be barely set, cover the pan with a lid, and leave it be for a minute or two. Season to taste, and top with sautéed vegetables.

Bon app'


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