Join the Revolution

Whether or not you are a fan, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day is an event... no, a way of life that we should all adhere to.

The Food Revolution is all about reversing the trends of modern life in the Western World, whereby the current generation's children are certain to have a shorter life expectancy than that of their parents; where obesity has become a very real and dangerous epidemic; where the health implications are a threat to both the people and the health care systems they depend on. 

The Food Revolution is about taking real steps to a healthier future for the whole community. It's about cooking real food with real ingredients.

So on the 19th of May, take out your pots and pans and teach a friend how to cook your favourite meal. Ask your grandmother how to bake her world-famous shortbread. Host a dinner party. Or join one of the many events happening in a community near you.

Bon app'!


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