Meat: A Tutorial

Being a vegetarian, I write very little about meat. Not because I am averse to cooking it: I handle meat at work, and since neither my Sweetheart nor a good chunk of my friends are vegetarians, I also occasionally cook it at home. While I do think I am quite adept at preparing and cooking meat, I blog about the food I eat, not the food I can cook. Which means that the majority of my posts are vegetarian-friendly. 

Also, despite the great strides small farmers and talented butchers have made towards supplying the conscientious eater with sustainable and ethically raised meat, the concept of 'seasonality' -so near and dear to my heart- is still very hazy when it comes to beef, chicken and pork, the three animals most consumed in the Western world.

Well, for the meat eaters who do stop by my blog, here is an interesting pictorial, care of the fine folks at Frugal Dad:

Beef Infographic
Source: FrugalDad

Bon app'!


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