Hampton Court

What started out as a rather ominous day turned out to be rather auspicious. All week, rainy weather was forecasted for today, and it wasn't until yesterday that I got a twinge of hope that a sunny window could open up in the afternoon. The ground was wet when I stepped out in the morning, and the air had a definite chill, but the sun was in full glory by the time I stepped off the train to make my way to the Hampton Court Flower Show.

I was, as I am sure you would understand, much too busy looking at -and desiring- plants that I did not have the room to own, so there is little evidence of the show's splendour. However, I did manage to gather my spirits a little to take a few snaps.

I'm always bowled over by the dahlia displays, since one rarely ever see more than a handful of variety in any given garden. 

So I can't help myself when I see two or three dozens exhibited side to side: it kind of feels like a family reunion!

There were so many beautiful plants and flowers that I found myself going round and round the marquees so that I could get a second, third and fourth look at specimens that I could not have for myself. I was rather taken by the Alliums (onion family), and have brought home three little pots. 

If only I could magically increase the size of my garden...

Happy gardening!


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