Make Lemonade

Sometimes things do not turn out as well as expected. It happens to the best of us, and when it does, one should not despair but make lemonade from the lemons handed. Last year, the healthy growth on the potatoes foretold a glorious harvest, but resulted in nothing much. This year, the potatoes succumbed to disease and only gave a meagre crop. At least there was still enough for dinner for two!

Having no garden to speak of at the moment, I would never think to grow onions on the balcony. They take more room than it's worth. However, I just could not resist these decorative onions! They're so pretty, and -technically- edible as well. Even the bees can't resist them.

This cute fellow is North American wild garlic (Allium canadense). It packs a punch in its flowers and bulb, but has been known to be toxic in large quantities. Dogs should be kept well away from these.

I keep reading headlines about the end of summer (I know, crazy eh?), Summer is here for a while longer, so let's not dismiss her just yet. It's passion fruit season. Yes indeed! And there is no need to buy imported fruits: you can grow them yourself. It seems unlikely, yet passion fruits do rather well under less than tropical climes as long as winters are not too chilly. Where winters are frosty, passion flowers can be grown in pots, and brought indoors in the autumn. London gardens are rife with them, and if you are in the know, you can reap an abundant harvest. The more common passion flowers are rather vigorous vines, and are much too aggressive for a balcony garden, so I've been good about not succumbing to the temptation of getting a plant for myself.  

Until I met this little lass. She was too pretty to resist. And while I have yet to see any fruits forming, I remain hopeful...

Bon app', and happy gardening!


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