Another thing that makes me go hmmm...

One of the many reasons I write this blog is that I hope to encourage more people to pay close attention to what they eat. Not so much on a nutritional or dietary level, but on an ecological one. What and how we eat has an impact on our environment, and as powerless as we may feel when faced with all the woes of the world, we do have the power to make a small difference through our diet.

We can also make a difference through our lifestyle, from changing a light bulb to using low /no VOC paints; buying local whenever possible, be it food or manufactured goods, to composting our food waste. Some take huge steps towards greener living (like Vanessa Farquharson who spent 366 days finding new ways to reduce her carbon footprint), others baby steps (like FINALLY using reusable bags for shopping).

Designers and manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon. Some is greenwash, like biodegradable plastic. Others are genuine efforts to clean up our act, like Virginia Gardiner, a design student in London whose project was a new, snazzier (less hippy-back-to-the-land) version of the composting toilet.

One day, when I no longer rent, I'd like a composting toilet, so I can eat and poop with self-satisfied smugness that I am green and C2C*!

*Cradle to cradle: the principle in which all consumer goods should be eternally reusable and/or recyclable, whereby producing little or naught waste.

p.s. Isn't Virginia's sweater nifty?


  1. I wish grocery stores just weren't allowed to give out plastic bags! That would force everyone to BYOBag!

  2. Too true, though some are now enforcing 'pay for bags' policies, and Ikea no longer has plastic bags. So things are changing slowly.
    To think that when I was a kid, there hardly were any plastic bags! And it wasn't too long ago!


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