A little gratitude is in order

How cute is this? I was browsing around, looking what other people are blogging about, and I ran into Melissa's...

Well, I don't know if I qualify as a nice person, seeing as I am a proud humbug, but Melissa's blog made me think of all those people who work at market and farm stands: they are nice people.

So here's my thanks to them for all their advice on how to prepare the gorgeous produce they sell. Thank you to the growers who put so much love into the foods they bring to our tables. A tip of the hat to Mr X who has a wonderful dairy stall at the Marché des Quais de Saône -votre beurre est délicieux, le lait de vos vaches onctueux, et vos oeufs de poulettes sont l'ingrédient clé de mes pots de chocolat!

My sincere gratitude to you all.


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