A word of warning

The abundant rains, and cool followed by heat that we've been experiencing in the East has turn this year into a bumper crop year for mushrooms. And the season has started early!

However, please do be careful when out on the hunt for wild mushrooms. There has already been a death in Quebec, and the said victim was an experienced mushroom enthusiast. Two little girls were also rushed to hospital when they nibbled on shrooms they found in their yard.

If you do run into a tasty looking fungi, pick the whole thing, including some of the soil underneath it, and have it checked by an expert if you are not 100% sure it is a safe variety. Some botanical garden have experts on site, or will be able to refer you to someone, universities with a horticultural department can help you out. Or leave the picking to experts, and buy your shrooms at the market. Wild mushrooms are lovely, but they can be deadly.

And those of you out West, do not despair! The drought may have delayed the shroom bloom, but a downpour will get whole thing rolling. So get your rain dance gear out, and start the chanting!


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