Hello Miss Molly! And other critters

Now that I have chicken wires fences around my garden beds, Miss Molly and I get along just fine! She still drops by for a nibble, and she likes to glare at me from time to time, so I occasionnally leave her some lettuce leaves just to keep the peace.

My garden is still being assaulted though... a juvenile squirrel has been on a tasting rampage in the beds, and there is skunk that likes to dig around for slugs and worms... Oh well, I suppose I can't complain, I am the invader here after all.

Bon app' little critters!


  1. Good heavens! What kind of creature is Miss Molly?! She's got a lovely bloopy shape, I just don't know what she is!

    We lost most of our nectarines to squirrels but happily the possums don't seem to like tomatoes or japanese eggplants so, knock on wood, we're good there.

  2. Hello Oddlyme!
    Miss Molly is a groundhog, just like Punxsatawney Phil of Groundhog Day fame. Molly does not predict the weather, she just announces when the greens are ready for eating, and likes to try new and exotic things, like tomato leaves and dahlia buds.
    She goes underground over the winter and reemerges in the spring. She's a bit of a pest, but I must admit, having not seen her in a while, I kind of miss watchinig her dawdle in my garden!

  3. A groundhog? How delightful!

    We have skunks (both baby and full grown) that we feed. And oppossums that eat our strawberries... But I think you win for best shaped quirky animal. And dignified name : )


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